Adobe Acrobat integrates Microsoft Purview Information Protection for enhanced PDF security

Since May 8, 2023, Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MPIP) is fully integrated in Adobe Acrobat to enhance PDF security. With this integration, Adobe Acrobat brings the same level of classification, labeling, and protection found in Microsoft 365 file formats to PDFs.

Since 2018, Adobe Acrobat and Reader apps have supported seamless viewing of PDFs protected by Microsoft Purview Information Protection. Now, for organizations adopting MPIP as their standard, they can leverage the native capability within the desktop version of Acrobat to apply and edit Information Protection sensitivity labels and policies to their PDFs. This enhanced labeling experience utilizes the latest version of Purview Information Protection, taking into account various details like label descriptions, embedded content markings, and justification logic, resulting in a more intuitive user experience for customers.


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