Adobe Acrobat Perpetual Upgrade Plan end-of-sale

Adobe Acrobat perpetual licenses: What changed?

Effective December 1, 2021, there will be no new purchases of Adobe Acrobat perpetual licenses in the upgrade plan.

Effective February 1, 2022, Adobe will no longer offer Upgrade Plan for Acrobat in the Transactional Licensing Program (TLP) and Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP). Customers with existing Acrobat Upgrade Plans will continue to receive any applicable upgrades that Adobe makes generally available during the term of their Upgrade Plan. Only Acrobat perpetual (Pro and Standard) are being removed from the upgrade plan at this time. Other products that still offer an upgrade plan will continue to be available.


Is there an upgrade to Adobe Acrobat perpetual license 2022?

No, Adobe does not allow new purchases of Adobe Acrobat perpetual licenses in the upgrade plan from Acrobat 2020 forwards. There are no plans for a new version of Acrobat perpetual beyond Acrobat 2020.


What are Adobe upgrade licenses?

Upgrade licenses are bought to move to the next version of a perpetual product. If a new version of Acrobat perpetual were released, Acrobat 2020 customers would buy the upgrade license to upgrade to the latest version. The upgrade license policy allows for a perpetual customer to upgrade from one version back. For example, Acrobat 2017 customers are eligible to purchase an upgrade SKU to Acrobat 2020. Previous versions of Acrobat are not eligible to buy upgrade SKUs.


Can I upgrade my perpetual license from Adobe Acrobat 2020?

Currently, there are no plans for a new version of Acrobat perpetual beyond Acrobat 2020.

All customers with active upgrade plans on January 31, 2022 are eligible for reduced subscription pricing available through SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT, which unlocks all the services value of Acrobat including mobile, collaboration and Microsoft integrations.


Adobe Reader Upgrades

While Adobe Acrobat is a paid product, Adobe Reader is a free program that can be used to view and edit PDF files. Adobe Reader is not affected by the end-of-sale for the Acrobat Perpetual Upgrade Plan, and users can still upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Reader for free.


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