Adobe Creative Cloud Long Term Supported (LTS) version and download availability

Effective December 1, 2020, a Long Term Supported (LTS) version for Adobe Creative Cloud is available for enterprise customers. LTS delivers an additional 12 months of security updates beyond the most recent ‘N’ version, which, in combination with N, allows the customer to standardize on a major version for a combined maximum of 24 months.

However, effective February 4, 2021, outdated versions, meaning N-3 and older, are being removed from the Adobe Admin Console and Creative Cloud Desktop App. Adobe will no longer retain versions beyond N-2 for download and will no longer provide support, including security updates, for such versions. Adobe therefore recommends downloading and retaining the installation package in a safe location, if you intend to use an outdated version for an extended time.

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Adobe Substance for enterprise available

Adobe announced that Adobe Substance for enterprise is available. Adobe Substance is only available to Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise customers through Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP). Adobe Substance is managed through the VIP console the same way as Creative Cloud. Adobe Substance is on the roadmap to be available in Creative Cloud for teams starting October 2020.

For further information on Adobe Substance, please visit:

Adobe Creative Cloud Download Availability and Usage Changes

Adobe shared an update regarding Creative Cloud version download availability. For customers who have not yet updated to the latest version of Creative Cloud, please note that you are no longer licensed to use certain older versions of the applications or deploy packages containing these older versions. Adobe asks that your organization discontinues all usage of the unauthorized products listed in the table below and instead update to the authorized versions provided. You will continue to receive all the value that Creative Cloud has to offer, but with more advanced features, capabilities, and security.

Please be aware that if you continue to use or deploy the older, unauthorized versions of Creative Cloud, you will not have third-party claim coverage pursuant to your contract with Adobe. Should you continue to use or deploy these unauthorized versions, you may be at risk of potential claims of infringement by third parties.

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Adobe Admin Console enhancements for enterprise customers

Adobe announced that they are launching the following new capabilities of the Adobe Admin Console to provide a better administration experience for enterprise products sold through the Value Incentive Plan (VIP):

  • Greater visibility into user compliance and appropriate actions to get compliant
  • View and download a list of users that need renewal on assigned licenses
  • Receive alerts via product card and view users that are pending payment
  • See expiration date for unpaid licenses
  • Assign users to a user group regardless of the group’s quota limits, adding them to a “waitlist.” These users automatically get assigned a license as soon as licenses become available
  • Two new reports for System Admins:
    • License status report
    • License deficit report

These updates will roll out to customers over the next 30 days. If you have any questions, please reach out to SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT.

Adobe Creative Cloud Updates

Adobe announced the next generation of Creative Cloud with updates across all of Creative Cloud – its desktop apps, mobile apps and all its services.

There are five brand new apps coming to Creative Cloud across design, video and photography, a brand new photography service and 3 new photography offerings, plus major updates to all the existing Creative Cloud apps on Desktop and Mobile and the Creative Cloud Community and Marketplace.

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Adobe Stock Add-In for Microsoft PowerPoint

The Adobe Stock Add-In for Microsoft PowerPoint makes it easier to find the perfect image to illustrate your presentations. The Adobe Stock Add-In integrates seamlessly with Microsoft PowerPoint so you can easily search for images without leaving your presentation. You can search for images by keyword, explore selected collections, or even perform a visual search by uploading an image of your own and having Adobe Stock find something similar. You can preview selected pictures inside your presentations. When you’re ready to license, simply connect to your existing Adobe Stock account or request an offer from SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT.

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Adobe Stock Subscription Plan for Creative Clouds for Teams

Adobe is launching a new Adobe Stock subscription plan for Creative Cloud for teams. The new Adobe Stock Mezzanine subscription plan will include 40 images per team with the ability to roll over up to 480 image licenses into the following months.

  • Adobe Stock Small includes 10 standard image licenses / month per Team
    • € 29.99 / month
    • Annual commitment required, will pro-rate to team anniversary date
    • Rollover up to 120 image licenses
  • Adobe Stock Mezzanine includes 40 standard image licenses / month per Team
    • € 79.99 / month
    • Annual commitment required, will pro-rate to team anniversary date
    • Rollover up to 480 image licenses
  • Adobe Stock Large includes 750 standard image licenses / month per Team
    • € 199.99 / month
    • Annual commitment required, will pro-rate to team anniversary date
    • No rollover

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a new service, based on the stock photography community Fotolia, that provides designers and businesses with access to several millions of  high-quality, curated, royalty-free images, illustrations and vector graphics from the European area for all your creative projects. Adobe Stock photos, illustrations and vector files can be used in any creative project, including print ads, brochures, presentations, posters, book covers, commercials, websites and annual reports.

Adobe Stock images are available in JPEG, AI, EPS and SVG file formats.

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