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Adobe Firefly in Creative Cloud

Adobe MAX 2023, the world’s largest creativity conference, showcased the future of creativity and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with over 100 new features and updates across Creative Cloud applications. Adobe introduced three new Firefly models – Adobe Firefly Image 2 Model, Adobe Firefly Vector Model and Adobe Firefly Design Model –

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Adobe Stock Firefly-powered workflows available

Adobe announced the availability of Adobe Stock Firefly-powered workflows. Now, in addition to licensing creative assets from the Adobe Stock collection of both traditional and AI-generated content, subscribers can use generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take their creative needs from imagination to reality instantly.   Transform text into unique visuals

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Adobe Stock video templates available

Adobe Stock introduces video templates to help creatives elevate their multimedia projects. By bringing new Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects templates together with Motion Graphics templates in a rich new video template collection, Adobe provides creatives with a one-stop solution for all their multimedia projects. With the growing

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Adobe Photoshop on the web available

Adobe has officially released Photoshop on the web, offering it as part of all Photoshop plans. This release includes the newly introduced Adobe Firefly generative AI features, such as Generative Fill and Generative Expand. After initially launching as a beta experience, Adobe received feedback from users worldwide and has now

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Adobe Creative Cloud Price Increase

On November 1 and 2, 2023, the prices of Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud Pro via Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP) and Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) increase worldwide by 4%-6%. There will be no impact for the duration of existing ETLA contracts. For Adobe Creative Cloud

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Adobe Firefly for Enterprise available

Effective September 13, 2023, Adobe Firefly for Enterprise is generally available and allows businesses to confidently deploy AI-generated content. Firefly for Enterprise introduces cutting-edge AI capabilities to Adobe GenStudio and Express for Enterprise and can be found in various Adobe applications.   Comparing Adobe Firefly with Adobe Firefly for Enterprise

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Adobe GenStudio for Enterprises – The Complete Guide

Since September 13, 2023, Adobe GenStudio for Enterprises is available and part of Firefly for Enterprise. Read the full Adobe GenStudio for Enterprises whitepaper.   What is Adobe GenStudio for Enterprises? Adobe GenStudio for Enterprises is a new solution that brings together content ideation, creation, production, and activation within the

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How Adobe Firefly brings Your Creativity to the Next Level

Introduction to Adobe Firefly Adobe Firefly emerges as a versatile and innovative tool in the realm of creative design and collaborative environments. With a focus on accessibility and seamless functionality, this software provides an array of features tailored for artists, educators, and professionals seeking interactive and engaging platforms for their

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Adobe Express for Enterprise available

Effective March 21, 2023, Adobe Express for Enterprise is available to Adobe Creative Cloud enterprise subscribers.   What are the key features and benefits of Adobe Express for Enterprise? Adobe Express for Enterprise enables businesses to address growing demands for content with a creative solution anyone can use to quickly

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