Microsoft Office Online name change

Microsoft announced that they will remove the branding “Online” for the web version of Office and introduce new terminology for the apps on the web. Apps like Word Online are now called “Word for the web” or “Word in a browser”. This new terminology is already reflected in the product terms. It is important to note that this brand change only applies to Office applications. There is no change to the branding for Microsoft “Online” server products – especially Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Project Online, and Office Online Server. For the official Microsoft announcement, please visit:

Microsoft dedicated hosted cloud services updates to licensing

Microsoft announced that starting October 1, 2019 there will be an update to the licensing of dedicated hosted cloud services. Currently, there aren’t any specific rules for dedicated cloud services in place. In the scenario of dedicated hosted cloud services, currently the same rules as for on-premises servers apply. The existing terms say, that as long as the hardware is dedicated to a customer, the customer can use his own licenses to license dedicated hardware in hosted cloud services. There is no requirement for Software Assurance or any other sort of eligibility criteria. The rights for licenses acquired before October 1, 2019 remain unchanged.

Licenses purchased after October 1, 2019 will underlay new rules when used with dedicated hardware from the following hosting organizations defined as “Listed Providers”: Microsoft, Alibaba, Amazon, and Google. Basically, you’ll now need Software Assurance on your licenses. The License Mobility benefit is updated to include both multi-tenant and dedicated services from these providers, and the Azure Hybrid Benefit is updated to include deployment to the newly announced Azure Dedicated Host.

For the Microsoft announcement, where you can also download an extended FAQ document on the bottom of the page, please visit:

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Online Services Transitions Retirement

As part of ongoing efforts to simplify licensing and respond to partner and customer feedback, Transitions were retired from the Enterprise Agreement program in November 2015. Online Services Add-ons, which recognize customer investments in on-premises licensing, are the recommended path for customers interested in licensing Online Services during their agreement term.

Microsoft Online Services Price Reduction

To ensure Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) / Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS) / Microsoft Product and Services Agreement (MPSA) and Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES)  customers receive the best pricing based on their commitment to Microsoft Online Services, the March 1st 2014 price list reflects a 15% price reduction for Microsoft Intune User Subscription Licenses (USLs), Intune Add-ons, Azure Rights Management Services (RMS), Project Online USLs and Visio Pro for Office 365 USLs and Transitions.

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Microsoft EOA, EOP and DLP Online Services as part of the Enterprise CAL Suite

Microsoft CAL SuitesStarting April 1st, 2013 Microsoft will be offering three new cloud-based online services for the Enterprise CAL (eCAL) Suite. These services will be made available for current and new customers of the eCAL Suite. These online services are EOA (Exchange Online Archiving), EOP (Exchange Online Protection) and DLP (Data Loss Prevention). Continue reading Microsoft EOA, EOP and DLP Online Services as part of the Enterprise CAL Suite