CodeTwo Signatures Web Add-in for Outlook

Since May 25, 2023, CodeTwo Signatures Web Add-in for Outlook is available.

Microsoft Outlook’s newest version supports Web Add-ins. CodeTwo and Microsoft worked together on such a web add-in to create and automatically distribute individual Outlook signatures within organizations.

The CodeTwo’s Signatures Web Add-in:

  • can add signatures in Outlook, Outlook for Mac and Outlook on the web (OWA) (Android and iOS are coming soon),
  • can preview cloud signatures,
  • can be deployed from the Microsoft 365 admin center, and
  • requires no setup by end users.


More information

For the presentation of CodeTwo Signatures Web Add-in for Outlook at Microsoft Build 2023, please visit:

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For a list of available software vendors through SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT, please visit:

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