JDisc Partnership

We are delighted to announce our partnership with JDisc, a leading provider of network discovery and IT asset management solutions. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering top-notch IT management services to our valued clients.


About JDisc

JDisc offers robust network discovery software that empowers organizations to gain full transparency and control over their IT assets. Their solutions provide comprehensive insights into network devices, servers, virtual machines, software installations, and more.

With JDisc, you can:

  • Discover and Inventory: Automatically discover and catalog all devices on your network, including hardware, software, and configurations.
  • Track Changes: Monitor changes to your IT environment, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Integrate Seamlessly: JDisc integrates seamlessly with other CMDB solutions, making it an ideal choice for organizations seeking a holistic approach to IT management.



Our Commitment

At SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT, we believe in combining the strengths of our partner products to create fully integrated IT solutions. Our collaboration with JDisc allows us to offer you a powerful combination of software licensing expertise and cutting-edge network discovery capabilities.


Why Choose JDisc?

  • Efficiency: JDisc’s automated discovery process saves time and ensures accurate data.
  • Transparency: Gain insights into your network infrastructure, software licenses, and dependencies.
  • Cost Optimization: Make informed decisions about software licensing and reduce total cost of ownership.
  • Reliable Support: JDisc provides excellent customer support and continuous product enhancements.


Explore JDisc’s Portfolio

JDisc’s portfolio includes solutions for:

  • Network Discovery: Discover devices, IP addresses, and network topology.
  • Software Inventory: Track installed software, licenses, and compliance.
  • Configuration Management: Manage configurations and changes effectively.
  • Virtualization: Understand virtual machine usage and resource allocation.


Get started today!

Ready to enhance your IT management? Contact our team at SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT to explore how JDisc’s solutions can transform your organization’s IT landscape.

Learn more about JDisc’s offerings on their official website: https://jdisc.com/

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