Kofax Power PDF 5 available

Effective July 12, 2022, Kofax Power PDF 5 is available.

Kofax Power PDF provides powerful PDF management that’s built for business users. It works like Office desktop products for fast learning, meets simple to complex needs and provides strong security.

New features include:

  • Kofax’s industry-best optical character recognition (OCR) technology
  • Enhanced integrations with Kofax SignDoc and Microsoft Office
  • Fuzzy search
  • support for PDF/A-4, ensuring lossless featuring
  • Greater security and compliance capabilities.

In addition, Kofax Power PDF Mobile is now available. This new mobile app enables teams to view and work with PDF files on their phone or tablet. Users can sign documents remotely by drawing on the screen, or print and email PDF files straight from their mobile device.

For the announcement of Kofax Power PDF 5, please visit: https://www.kofax.com/about/press-releases/2022/kofax-power-pdf-5-leverages-industry-best-text-recognition-mobile-and-esignature-technologies.

For the product page, please visit: https://www.kofax.com/products/power-pdf.

For release highlights, please visit: https://www.kofax.com/products/power-pdf/release-highlights.

Please contact us for more information or to request a quote.

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