Lansweeper pricing changes

Effective March 27, 2024, Lansweeper, a leading IT management solution provider, is introducing changes to its pricing structure to better align with the evolving needs of its customer base.



What changes are being made to the pricing?

  • Starter License for small businesses with limited IT resources. It now includes 2000 assets, providing access to Lansweeper’s renowned discovery and inventory features, along with a Lansweeper site.
  • Pro License offers increased asset counts, risk insights, federated installations, diagrams, and more. The entry-level band includes 2000 assets, with the option to expand by 1000 assets at a time.
  • Enterprise License starts at 10,000 assets. It includes dedicated features, enhanced service levels, and tailored support to meet the needs of large enterprises.



Why is the pricing changing?

  • Improving Pricing Bands Efficiency: By offering pricing in 1000-asset increments, customers can right-size their subscriptions more effectively.
  • Streamlining Subscription Options: The new pricing structure simplifies the decision-making process by aligning subscription tiers with the actual value provided by Lansweeper’s features.
  • Reflecting Real Value: The new pricing emphasizing the value and benefits of its Pro and Enterprise subscriptions.


How does this affect current subscriptions?

Existing Pay As You Go (PAYG) subscriptions remain unaffected by the price change.

Customers with active Starter, Pro, or Enterprise licenses will be subject to the new pricing upon renewal after July 1, 2024.


More information

For our Lansweeper vendor page, please visit:

If you have any questions or concerns about the pricing changes, please reach out to us for assistance. Also contact us  to request a quote before the new pricing takes effect.

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