Microsoft Maintains Global Pricing for Microsoft’s Commercial Cloud and On-Premises Software

On July 1, 2024, Microsoft has announced that there will be no price adjustments for its Commercial Cloud and On-Premises software services in September 2024. This decision comes in light of the relative stability of foreign exchange rates with the U.S. dollar.


Commitment to Transparency

Microsoft has reiterated its commitment to maintaining a clear and transparent pricing process for its global customers. The company conducts price alignment semi-annually, in February and September, based on prevailing market conditions. This approach ensures that customers across different geographies and currencies experience consistent pricing.


Impact on Commercial Partners and Customers

This announcement is particularly relevant for Microsoft’s commercial partners and customers, who can now plan their budgets and strategies with greater certainty, knowing that there will be no unexpected price changes due to currency fluctuations.

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Future Price Adjustments

Currency Price Adjustments

There will be no changes in September 2024 due to currency fluctuations. However, as this is evaluated semi-annually (every February and September), this may change in the future, with the earliest possible adjustment in February 2025.

Product-specific or consumer price adjustments

Microsoft has indicated that any product-specific or consumer price adjustments will be communicated separately. This ensures that all stakeholders are kept informed well in advance about any future changes that may affect their costs and can plan and adjust their financial strategies accordingly.

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More information

For the announcement, please visit:,Consistent%20global%20pricing%20for%20Microsoft%27s%20Commercial%20Cloud%20and%20on%2Dpremises%20Software,or%20any%20Consumer%20price%20adjustments%20will%20continue%20to%20be%20communicated%20separately.,-Feedback.

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