Microsoft Teams Rooms available

Effective October 1, 2020, Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard and Premium Device Subscription Licenses (SLs) are available. Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard and Premium was previously referred to as Meeting Room and Managed Meeting Rooms.

Microsoft Teams Rooms allows you to Teams-enable your conference room, creating the ability to easily join a scheduled conference or start an ad hoc meeting.

The Teams Rooms subscription covers access to Microsoft Teams, Phone System, Audio Conferencing, Microsoft Intune.

The September 2020 Online Services Terms (OST) explain, that only CACD may be licensed through Teams Rooms: A Common Area Communication Device (“CACD”) is a device shared by multiple users who do not log into the device with their Office 365 credentials and which supports calls, meetings and/or conferencing over voice, Voice over IP, and/or video. Microsoft’s Common Area Phone and Meeting Room offerings are Device SLs that may only be assigned to a CACD. Each CACD Licensed Device may be accessed and used by any number of users.

Teams Rooms devices are offered by Creston, HP/Poly, Lenovo, Logitech and other manufacturers. They are managed in the Teams Admin Center. Instead of managing Teams Rooms devices themselves, customers can delegate such management and monitoring to Microsoft by obtaining a Teams Rooms Premium Device Subscription License (DSL).

Note that with the old approach Managed Meeting Rooms is an add-on to Meeting Room, whereas the new approach Teams Rooms Premium offers a superset of the Standard edition.

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