OPSWAT Gold Partner

Recently SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT became a OPSWAT Gold Partner. OPSWAT is a leading player in the field of cybersecurity. This partnership aims to enhance the security landscape by addressing critical challenges faced by organizations worldwide.




OPSWAT is renowned for its expertise in detecting and managing cyber risk. Their cutting-edge solutions empower businesses to safeguard their digital assets, prevent data breaches, and maintain operational resilience. In recent years, cyber threats have increasingly targeted industrial and operational sites. OPSWAT specializes in identifying vulnerabilities within Operational Technology (OT) systems. By analyzing exposed OT protocols over the internet, they provide critical insights to enhance security monitoring.



What does OPSWAT do?

OPSWAT is a global powerhouse in the field of cybersecurity. With customers worldwide, they have solidified their position as a trusted partner for organizations across various sectors.

  • Comprehensive Solutions: OPSWAT offers a range of products and services, including:
    • Application Security: Protecting applications from threats.
    • Supply Chain Security: Ensuring the security of software supply chains.
    • Network Security: Safeguarding networks against cyber threats.
    • Cross Domain Security: Enabling secure data transfer across different domains.
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: OPSWAT specializes in securing critical infrastructure. Their solutions defend data, assets, and networks from device and file-borne threats.
  • Zero-Trust Approach: OPSWAT delivers zero-trust visibility, security, and control both inside and outside traditional network environments. Their Network Access Control (NAC) and Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) solutions ensure robust protection.
  • Certified Integrations: OPSWAT collaborates with industry-leading technology companies worldwide. Their certified integrations guarantee full interoperability for entire product suites.
  • OPSWAT Academy: An award-winning, self-paced online cybersecurity training platform.


More information

For more information about OPSWAT, please visit their website: https://www.opswat.com/

Please contact us for free expert consultancy on your specific OPSWAT requirements and to request a quote today.

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