Oracle Visual Builder available

Oracle released an updated version of Oracle Visual Builder. Oracle Visual Builder focuses on simplifying development by providing a visual approach to application development and publishing. As a visual and declarative cloud environment it allows developing and hosting of engaging mobile and web applications. Using the cloud-based visual development tools, you can create and test responsive web applications and native mobile apps without the need to install any additional software.

The latest version of Oracle Visual Builder released in March, features several key features for developers looking to build engaging applications:

  • New Mobile app template & extended packaging capabilities to support Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  • VBCS UI emulator now supports more options in the screen sizes menu
  • Pluggable Custom Cordova Plug-ins
  • Improved device integration capabilities (like Take Photo action)
  • Application Optimization for Runtime
  • Further support of a complete CI/CD flow with the combination of Developer CS
  • Oracle’s Components Exchange
  • And a lot more

Oracle Visual Builder is available both as a standalone service as well as part of the Oracle Integration Cloud, while it can be actively used with the whole of Oracle Cloud using the several integrations and by connecting and accessing data from various sources.

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