Microsoft 365 Advanced Data Residency available

Effective November 1, 2022, Microsoft 365 Advanced Data Residency (ADR) is available.

This add-on is designed to give regulated commercial and public sector customers of Microsoft 365 additional assurances that help in their compliance with data residency laws, regulations, and industry standards. With ADR, enterprise customers can best address their data residency compliance and tenant location requirements.

Data residency refers to the geographic location where data is stored at rest. In many regions, Microsoft 365 offers a spectrum of choices for storing your data at rest including

  • in local data center regions (through Product Terms and Advanced Data Residency add-on) or
  • expanded to multiple geographic regions (Multi-Geo capabilities).

The add-on also provides customers with prioritized migration benefits to local datacenter regions of Microsoft if the customer is eligible.

To be eligible to purchase ADR, customers must meet two pre-requisites:

  • Subscriptions are purchased through an Enterprise Agreement (EA), Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS) or Web Direct.
  • The Tenant Default Geography must be one of the countries included in Microsoft’s Local Region Geography

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