AnyDesk is a software developed by Anydesk Software GmbH, that allows you to remotely control computer workstations. Typical applications include: a network administrator who wants to access one or more computers from his or her own workstation to update or customize system settings, or an employee who wants to access his or her office computer from home. In addition, AnyDesk can also be used for screen transfer, for example, to show several people how to use a software program at the same time during a webinar.

AnyDesk software is particularly noted for its short response time. Depending on the system and type of connection, this can be just twelve milliseconds – a delay that is not visible to the human eye even when both computers are standing side by side.

AnyDesk protects your computer against unwanted access with the security technology TLS1.2, which is also used for online banking. All connections are also encrypted with public/private key exchange and AnyDesk’s servers rely on “Erlang”, a technology designed specifically for large and fail-safe telecommunications networks, for maximum reliability.

Founded in 2014, AnyDesk Software GmbH has its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.

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