Trend Micro

Company profile

Trend Micro is the world’s leading provider of cloud security and develops innovative solutions for a world in which companies and private users may safely exchange digital data. As an independent security provider, Trend Micro is market-leader in server and virtualisation security as well as in the providing of security solutions for endpoints, networks and the cloud. The Trend Micro technologies quickly stop threats, increase the performance and provide the transparency and control required for unconcernedly releasing and protecting data in physical, virtual, cloudbased and mobile environments. No matter which security requirements you have or how these requirements are going to develop in future – Trend Micro is the intelligent security solution on your way to cloud computing.

Product profile

Trend Micro provides high-end-solutions that protect each and every potential entry point (via Internet Gateway, E-Mail, Server or work station) against computer viruses. In order to guarantee the  optimal protection of the entire information chain in a company’s network and to reduce the dispersion of viruses at the best possible rate, Trend Micro has set up TrendLabs, the world’s largest research team.

Founded in 1988, Trend Micro Inc. has its headquarters in Irving, Texas, United States.


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