VMware Tanzu – Hybrid Cloud & Multi-cloud

Many enterprises are evaluating hybrid and multi-cloud architectures as part of their application modernization strategy. VMware has long supported customers in these journeys through strong relationships with public cloud providers. VMware Tanzu editions include several capabilities to help enterprises manage the inevitable security, compliance, and governance changes that come up during such datacenter transformations.

With VMware Tanzu, you can run and manage modern apps on any cloud, continuously delivering value to your customers. VMware Tanzu enables you to simplify multi-cloud operations and free developers to move faster with easy access to the right resources. VMware Tanzu enables development and operations’ teams to work together in new ways that deliver transformative business results.

For a solution brief on VMware Tanzu and the differentiation between its editions, please visit: https://d1fto35gcfffzn.cloudfront.net/tanzu/VMware-Tanzu-Solution-Brief-0121.pdf.

For more information on VMware Tanzu and how to integrate it into your cloud practices, please visit: https://tanzu.vmware.com/partners/cloud-infrastructure.

For more information on VMware Cloud, please visit: https://cloud.vmware.com/.

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