Adobe Stock Firefly-powered workflows available

Adobe announced the availability of Adobe Stock Firefly-powered workflows. Now, in addition to licensing creative assets from the Adobe Stock collection of both traditional and AI-generated content, subscribers can use generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take their creative needs from imagination to reality instantly.


Transform text into unique visuals with Text to Image

The Text to Image feature on Adobe Stock enables you to captivate visuals with just a few simple prompts.

You can use Text to Image to:

  • Ideate and generate example images as visual starting points that you or your team members can further develop and refine
  • Create ready-to-use images that are tailored for any creative project such as ads, banners, and infographics
  • Fit specific campaign themes or design aesthetics – reference images for illustration work, or images for mood boards and concepting exercises.

This feature bridges the gap between imagination and reality, turning words into stunning images that will resonate with your audiences.


Extend backgrounds and more with Expand Image

The Expand Image feature allows you to simply position the image and to expand the boundaries. You can generate additional content that blends naturally with the original image. This intuitive feature streamlines the editing process to give you beautifully tailored images in just a few clicks.


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