Adobe Stock video templates available

Adobe Stock introduces video templates to help creatives elevate their multimedia projects. By bringing new Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects templates together with Motion Graphics templates in a rich new video template collection, Adobe provides creatives with a one-stop solution for all their multimedia projects.

With the growing demand for diverse content across platforms, video templates enable creators to tell a range of stories in a consistent way. Every Premiere Pro and After Effects template is accompanied by a comprehensive tutorial so creators can make the most of the artistic possibilities.


Adobe Stock After Effects templates put your best ideas in motion

The new Adobe Stock After Effects templates empower you to customize the details to match your vision. You can tailor every element, from transitions to typography, to ensure that your video is uniquely yours. Plus, they’re a fantastic shortcut to achieving a professional look without spending hours in the design process.


Adobe Stock Premiere Pro templates add structure and style to your video projects

The versatile tool of the video-editing world, Premiere Pro templates have always helped meet a broad spectrum of creative needs. And whether you need to create lower thirds, title sequences, or dynamic slideshows, the new Adobe Stock Premiere Pro templates help you produce content that will resonate with your audience.

The intuitive drag-and-drop functionality streamlines the editing process, turning what would normally be hours of work into just minutes. And the cohesive design of each template helps ensure that every segment of your video has a professional touch.


Adobe Stock Motion Graphics templates grab attention

Motion Graphics templates are a file type created in Premiere Pro or After Effects. These animated text and graphics templates are particularly effective in social media videos, where they can instantly grab attention. Exclusively designed for Premiere Pro, Adobe Stock Motion Graphics templates ensure that whether you’re shaping episodic content or one-off pieces, the aesthetic remains cohesive and on brand. You’ll find a rich set of them on Adobe Stock.


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