Microsoft and Oracle expand partnership with Oracle Database@Azure

In March 2024, Microsoft and Oracle have announced an expansion of their partnership aimed at meeting the increasing global demand for Oracle Database on Microsoft Azure. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in addressing the evolving needs of businesses worldwide.



Enhanced integration, seamless migration and modernization

The collaboration between Microsoft Azure and Oracle Database technology offers enhanced flexibility, scalability, and performance for customers.

Integrating Oracle Database solutions into Azure enables seamless migration and modernization of existing applications, leveraging the security and reliability of both platforms.


Oracle Database@Azure

Empowering Comprehensive Solutions: Customers can now build comprehensive solutions tailored to their needs by integrating Oracle Database services into Azure, facilitating hybrid cloud deployments, data analytics, and improved security measures.

Support for Oracle Autonomous Database allows organizations to enhance efficiency and productivity through AI-driven automation.


Streamlined Operations

The expanded collaboration provides direct access to a wider range of Oracle Database services through Azure, simplifying operations and reducing complexity.



Seamless Integration driving Innovation and Digital Transformation

Facilitating seamless integration between Oracle and Azure services ensures customers can leverage the capabilities of both platforms without compatibility issues. The partnership between Microsoft and Oracle reinforces their commitment to delivering value and driving success for customers globally, enabling innovation and digital transformation.


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