Microsoft Azure Reservations utilization alerts

Effective May 23, 2023, utilization alerts for Microsoft Azure Reservations are available.


What are Microsoft Azure Reservations?

Reservations help organizations cut costs in Azure by committing to a 1-year or 3-year term for services such as virtual machine compute. Committing allows you to get a discount on the resources you use. Reservations can significantly reduce your resource costs by up to 72% compared to pay-as-you-go prices. Reservations offer billing discounts without affecting the runtime state of your resources. Once a reservation is purchased, the associated discount is automatically applied to the relevant resources, providing you with immediate cost savings.

You can pay for a reservation up front or monthly. The total cost of up-front and monthly reservations is the same and you do not pay any extra fees when you choose to pay monthly.


What are utilization alerts for Microsoft Azure Reservations?

Utilization alerts are email notifications that are automatically being sent to admins whenever a Reservation exhibits low utilization. With Reservations, savings are only made if the Reservations are used, stopping Pay-As-You-Go charges. Administrators can view utilization rates in the Azure Management Portal. With utilization alerts, administrators are now more likely to notice low utilization rates and can make informed decisions in time.


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