Microsoft Azure Savings Plan for Compute

Effective October 12, 2022, Microsoft Azure Savings Plan for Compute is available.

Microsoft Azure Savings Plan for Compute enables customers to take advantage of better pricing across a range of Azure compute services by committing to spend a fixed hourly amount for one or three years. Once the plan is purchased the lower prices are automatically applied to eligible services across all Azure regions.

Microsoft Azure Savings Plan for Compute will help customers:

  • Save compared to pay-as-you-go prices on select compute services.
  • Automatically optimize savings across select services globally up to the hourly commitment.
  • Save on their terms by customizing the plan’s term length, scope, billing frequency, and hourly commitment to fit their needs.

Azure Reserved Instances still offer the best prices for customers who are committed to a specific Virtual Machine (VM) family in a specific region. Each savings option is viable and applies to different scenarios.

That is why Microsoft adjusts their exchangeability policy for Azure Reserved Instances for compute services. Customers purchasing Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances, Azure Dedicated Host Reservations, or Azure App Services Reservations on or after January 1, 2024 will be able to exchange reservations for instance size, but will no longer be able to make exchanges for instance series or regions. Customers may continue to use and purchase reservations for those predictable, stable workloads.

Customers may trade-in their Azure Reserved Instances for compute services for an Azure Savings Plan for Compute.

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