Microsoft Viva Amplify available

Microsoft announced the availability of Microsoft Viva Amplify. Microsoft Viva Amplify is the newest addition to the Microsoft Viva Suite, poised to transform the way organizations meaningfully reach and engage their employees.


What are the benefits of Microsoft Viva Amplify?

As businesses navigate an ever-evolving digital landscape, effective internal communication has become more crucial than ever before. With Microsoft Viva Amplify, organizations can leverage centralized campaign management, multi-channel publishing, and reporting capabilities to empower corporate communicators to connect with every employee effortlessly.


How do I buy Microsoft Viva Amplify?

Viva Amplify is available as a part of the Viva suite and Viva Employee Communications and Communities.


How does the licensing work?

Anyone with a license for Viva suite or Viva Employee Communications and Communities can create campaigns or receive communications through Viva Amplify. Engagement metrics of those receiving communications through Viva Amplify will be included in analytics.


What is Viva Employee Communications and Communities?

Viva Employee Communications and Communities brings together campaign management, the company app, and digital communities so corporate communicators can effectively reach and engage employees, wherever they work.


Can I buy Microsoft Viva Amplify on its own?

No, Viva Amplify must be purchased as part of Viva Employee Communications and Communities or Viva suite.


How does Viva Employee Communications work with Microsoft Viva Amplify?

Corporate communicators and leaders can use Viva Amplify to publish to the company app. Soon, they’ll also be able to publish to Viva Engage, where employees can react, comment, and engage in a dialogue about publications. Employees will see messages wherever they work, whether that’s the company app, Viva Engage, or the other channels provided.


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