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Microsoft Yammer is evolving to Microsoft Viva Engage

In 2023, Microsoft Yammer becomes Microsoft Viva Engage and the Yammer brand retires. Effective in March 2023, the first step is the updating of the Communities app for Outlook and the Yammer mobile apps for iOS and Android to the new Viva Engage app. There are no changes to pricing

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Microsoft Viva promotion

Until June 30, 2023, a promotion on the Microsoft Viva suite is available to all customers. It offers a 25% discount on the Microsoft Viva suite. The Microsoft Viva suite offers an integrated Employee Experience Platform (EXP) that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights into the flow of

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Microsoft Viva Suite additions

Effective August 23, 2022, Microsoft Viva Engage, a new component of the Viva Suite, is generally available. Viva Engage is a Microsoft Teams app powered by Yammer that connects everyone at your organization through digital communities, virtual events, rich conversation tools, and more. Viva Engage is available to anyone with

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Microsoft Viva Goals available

Effective August 1, 2022, Microsoft Viva Goals is available. Viva Goals is a goal-setting and management solution based on Viva Goals is included in the current Microsoft Viva Suite subscription. Customers licensing the Microsoft Viva suite will see a new Viva Goals Premium service plan associated with their current

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Microsoft Viva Suite available

Effective November 2, 2021, Microsoft Viva Suite is generally available. It contains Viva Connections for company culture and communications, Viva Learning for employee skilling and growth, Viva Topics for organization and discovery of knowledge and expertise, Viva Insights to improve employee productivity and wellbeing, Viva Goals, Viva Sales, Viva Engage,

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Microsoft Workplace Analytics rebranded as Microsoft Viva Insights

Effective October 1, 2021, Microsoft Viva Insights replaces Microsoft Workplace Analytics (WPA). Microsoft Viva Insights is part of Microsoft’s newly launched Employee Experience Platform (EXP) branded as Microsoft Viva, designed to help people connect, focus, learn, and thrive at work. Viva Insights is available via Volume License (VL) and Cloud

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Microsoft Project Cortex rebranded as Microsoft Viva Topics

Effective February 4, 2021, Microsoft Viva Topics replaces Microsoft Project Cortex. Microsoft Viva Topics is part of Microsoft’s newly launched Employee Experience Platform (EXP) branded as Microsoft Viva. Viva Topics is available in the Enterprise Agreement (EA), Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES), and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) as an Add-on

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