Oracle Java SE Universal Subscription licensing change

Effective January 23, 2023, Oracle implemented a major change to its Java licensing model.

What are the changes of the Oracle Java licensing?

Oracle removed the following Java License metrics from its Java price list:

  • Oracle has removed named user plus licensing model.
  • Oracle has removed processor license model.

How does the new license model look like?

Oracle now sells the Java SE Universal Subscription by an employee-based metric based on the number of employees of a company. The new Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) is Employee for Java SE Universal Subscription.

In practical terms: You will need to license not only the actual users of Java, but all users who are included in the “employee” license definition. For example, if you have a need for 1000 user licenses for Java, but your company has 10 000 employees, you need to purchase 10 000 licenses and not 1000.

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