Oracle Lifetime Support Policy

With Oracle Support, you know up front and with certainty how long your Oracle products are supported. The Lifetime Support Policy provides access to technical experts for as long as you license your Oracle products and consists of three support stages:

  • Premier Support provides you with maintenance and support for your Oracle Database products for five years from their general availability date.
  • Extended Support provides you with an extra three years of support for specific Oracle releases for an additional fee.
  • Sustaining Support: When Premier Support expires, if you choose not to purchase Extended Support, or when Extended Support expires, Sustaining Support will be available for as long as you license your Oracle products.

Oracle recently published an updated version of the Lifetime Support Policy, Coverage for Oracle Technology Products with the respective end dates for the three support stages.

Please find below some favorite Oracle products that will go out of support in the upcoming months:

Oracle Database

Release 11.2                     Extended Support ends December 2020

Release             Premier Support ends November 30, 2020 with a Limited Error Correction Period from December 1, 2020 to March 31, 2022

Release 18c                       Premier Support ends June 2021


Oracle MySQL Database

Release 5.7                         Premier Support ends October 2020


For more information on Oracle Lifetime Support, please refer to:

For the detailed list, please refer to:




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