Company profile

VMware, today an EMC company, was founded in 1998, its goal being the development of technologies for virtual machines of the mainframe class for the usage on industry standard computers.

Already in 1999 VMware introduced its first product – VMware Workstation – and in 2001 VMware GSX Server and VMware ESX Server followed. The start of the VMware VirtualCenter in 2003 and its  innovative VMotion technology established the company as one of the pioneers on the new market for virtual infrastructures. Virtual infrastructures open up a multitude of completely new functionalities to the data processing center that were unimaginable up to then.

Today, VMware takes a top position on the worldwide market for innovative Enterprise solutions. Its headquarter is in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, California.

Product profile

VMware makes the virtualization of your IT infrastructure possible through the virtualization of computer, storage and network resources and through the centralized administration thereof. Thus, companies of all sizes are able to streamline their IT and simplify its administration. The IT can be made flexible and highly available with regard to processes and upcoming business developments, whether on external or on one’s own platforms.

Licensing models

The Volume Purchasing Program of VMware provides a consistent and cumulative discount offer. The program is granting discounts based on a tiered points-based system; the licensing takes place according to,  f.i.,

• Clients
• Concurrent User
• Licenses for management consoles
• Mailboxes
• Processors
• Processors with vRAM autorisation
• Virtual Machines.

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