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Microsoft Windows 365 midterm upgrades

Effective August 24, 2023, midterm upgrades for Microsoft Windows 365 become available. This launch provides customers with the flexibility to upgrade their licenses and only pay for the differential cost, not the full license price.   Microsoft Windows 365 Windows 365 Cloud PC enables you to securely stream your personalized

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Microsoft Dev Box available

Effective July 10, 2023, Microsoft Dev Box is generally available and comparable to Windows 365 but tailored for developers.   What is Microsoft Dev Box? Microsoft Dev Box is used to design, develop, and test applications. It is a virtualized solution empowering developers to create self-service workstations with centralized management

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Microsoft Windows 365 Enterprise Promotion

Effective July 1, 2023, until December 31, 2023, a promotion on Microsoft Windows 365 Enterprise is available. It offers a 20% discount on Windows 365 Enterprise annual and monthly commitment subscriptions for existing Microsoft 365 Business Premium customers.   Microsoft Windows 365 With Windows 365 Cloud PC, you can securely

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Microsoft Windows 365 Frontline

Effective July 05, 2023, Microsoft Windows 365 Frontline is generally available. While Windows 365 Enterprise and Business have been available since August 2021, Windows 365 Frontline is only now joining this family of Microsoft cloud PCs. Windows 365 Frontline is a Cloud PC service that offers a personalized computing environment

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Citrix HDX Plus for Windows 365 available

Since March 22, 2023, Citrix HDX Plus for Windows 365 is available. What are the benefits of Citrix HDX Plus for Windows 365? Citrix DaaS customers can now take advantage of all the benefits of using Citrix HDX Plus for Windows 365 with their Cloud PCs. Citrix HDX Plus for

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Microsoft Windows 365 available

Effective August 2, 2021, Microsoft Windows 365 is available. Microsoft Windows 365 is a cloud service that takes Windows 10 or Windows 11 to the Microsoft Cloud, securely streaming the whole Windows experience, including apps and data, to any device. Windows 365 provides an instant-on boot experience that enables users

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