Microsoft Azure Reservations scope Management Group

Effective September 20, 2021, a new reservation scoping option for Microsoft Azure Reservations is in public preview: Management Group Scope.

When you purchase an Azure Reservation, you choose a scope for it which defines where it may be used: within a specific Resource Group, a specific Subscription, or all Subscriptions. A Management Group is a group of Azure Subscriptions and Microsoft announce this as a new option for the scope of a Reservation.

Your reservation discount applies to virtual machines, SQL databases, Azure Cosmos DB, or other resources that match your reservation and run in the reservation scope. The billing context is dependent on the subscription used to buy the reservation.

When you set the scope to a Management Group, the reservation discount is applied to matching resources in the list of subscriptions that are a part of the Management Group and the billing context. To buy a reservation for a Management Group, you must have at least read permission on the Management Group and be a reservation owner or reservation purchaser on the billing subscription. You can always update the scope after you buy a reservation.

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