Microsoft Clipchamp Premium

Effective December 1, 2023, commercial customers will be able to purchase Clipchamp Premium to access additional features. Clipchamp Premium offers additional value for creating high-quality videos with ease and efficiency.

Can I get Microsoft Clipchamp Premium for free?

No, Microsoft Clipchamp Premium is a priced add-on. It is purchasable by enterprise or business customers. However, the normal Microsoft Clipchamp included in Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Business subscriptions.


What are the features of Clipchamp Premium?

Microsoft Clipchamp Premium includes features such as Brand kit, 4k exports, and Premium stock content:

  • 4K exports: Crystal-clear ultra-high-definition (UHD) resolution up to 30 frames per second helps your videos to look their best.
  • Brand kit: Your company’s specific fonts, colors, and logos loaded into Clipchamp make it easy to align with your organization’s branding and ensure consistency across projects.
  • Premium stock content: Top-tier images, video, and audio help you produce professional-looking videos that resonate with people.
  • Advanced analytics with Microsoft Stream: Visibility to crucial video-level metrics help you engage and improve your output by tracking your user behavior and performance for your video.


In which Microsoft 365 suites is Clipchamp Premium available?

Clipchamp Premium will be available as a Microsoft 365 Enterprise or Business add-on with an introductory price through June 30, 2024.


Is Clipchamp Premium available as a standalone product?

Yes. The Clipchamp Premium standalone SKU for non-Microsoft 365 subscribers will have an introductory price through June 30, 2024.


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