Microsoft FindTime for Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft FindTime is a free Add-in for Microsoft Outlook for scheduling and planning meetings. Scheduling meetings can be a huge time effort since you have to do calls, ask people and check calendars. Microsoft FindTime supports you in this process so you have more time to concentrate on the important things.

The only thing your organization needs to use Microsoft FindTime is a Microsoft Office 365 subscription:

  • Once installed, you just insert a Microsoft FindTime poll into an email and Microsoft FindTime will automatically check if people in your organization are available or not, depending on their calendar. External people will just show up in grey.
  • Invited people will then receive a link to vote for the meeting date. Invited people only need email and a web browser. They are directed to the Microsoft FindTime website where they can vote on their preferred meeting dates, see how others have voted or even propose alternative times.
  • You can set the option to auto schedule the meeting and this will automatically send Microsoft Outlook invites after everyone required for the meeting has voted. Alternatively, you can schedule the meeting manually.
  • You have the option to create Online Meetings (using Microsoft Skype for Business) or meetings in different locations.
  • You can choose to receive Notifications when someone votes.
  • And you have the option to let Microsoft FindTime create tentative Holds into your Microsoft Outlook calendar for every option provided. Once the meeting has been scheduled, these Holds will automatically be removed.

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