Microsoft Teams Shared Device

Microsoft Teams Shared Device replaces Microsoft Common Area Phone

Effective December 1, 2022, Microsoft Common Area Phone has been rebranded as Microsoft Teams Shared Device.

Microsoft Teams has introduced a new software offering called Teams Shared Device. This is a rebranding of the previous Common Area Phone (CAP) feature and is available for enterprise users. The Teams Shared Device license enables broader functionalities involving shared devices and supports additional use cases for Microsoft Teams Displays and Microsoft Teams Panels. This way, it addresses the evolving use cases for shared and common spaces that do not require the full functionality of a Teams Rooms license. The license will continue to support the existing user experience for phones deployed in common areas including call queue and auto attendant support, call park and retrieve, cloud voicemail, and group pickup.


What is Microsoft Teams Shared Device?

Microsoft Teams Shared Device (TSD) enables the use of non-Teams Rooms shared devices with Microsoft Teams. This license will still be used for Teams Phones deployed in shared areas. Furthermore, it now also supports a hotdesking experience on Teams Displays, and supports standalone Teams Panels not tied to a Microsoft Teams Room. The Teams Shared Device license does not apply to Microsoft Teams Rooms deployments.


What devices are Microsoft Teams Shared Devices?

  • Teams Phones: Use the TSD license for devices that are not assigned to named user. Typical use cases are common area phones in cafeterias, receptions or in a copy machine room.
  • Teams Displays: Assign a TSD license to an account that should be used for a Teams Display that should be used in a smaller meeting room or collaboration room. Instead of assigning a Teams Room Pro license this cheaper license can be used.
  • Teams Panels: If you have a meeting room with a Microsoft Teams Rooms system inside and a Teams Panel outside of the meeting room these both devices can (and should) use the same account and use the same license, Teams Rooms Pro license. If you want to place a Teams Panel outside a room without a Microsoft Teams Rooms system, you can now assign that device a TSD license.
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Phone: A phone or device connected via the Teams SIP Gateway can be used via the TSD license.

Microsoft Teams Shared Device types


There is a trial available via the Microsoft 365 admin center which offers 25 licenses during one (1) month trial period.

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