Microsoft 365: Multi-tenant organization capabilities

Effective April 25, 2024, Microsoft has introduced multi-tenant organization capabilities within Microsoft 365. Customers can now use Entra ID Multi-Tenant Organizations to improve the cross-tenant collaboration experience in Microsoft Teams and Viva Engage. The capabilities are now generally available with Microsoft Entra ID P1 licenses.


Multi-Tenant Organizations Capabilities

  • Application Sharing: Enable seamless sharing of applications across tenants.
  • B2B Collaboration: Grant application access across tenants.
  • Cross-Tenant Access Settings: Fine-tune granular access controls.
  • Cross-Tenant Synchronization: Manage user lifecycles across tenants.


Multi-Tenant Organizations Licensing

  • License requirement for Entra ID Multi-Tenant Organizations is Microsoft Entra ID P1.
  • Only one license per employee is needed for the entire multi-tenant organization.


How to start with Entra ID Multi-Tenant Organizations

This step-by-step guide shows the implementation of these capabilities in an example:

Forming the Organization:

  • Contoso EMEA and Contoso APAC form an Entra ID multi-tenant organization.
  • The process is initiated by Contoso EMEA in the Microsoft 365 admin center and confirmed by Contoso APAC. Open, and follow these instructions on how to set up a new multi-tenant organization and add a tenant to your multitenant organization.
  • Outcome: A unified organization with two tenants, enhancing collaboration in Microsoft Teams and Viva Engage.

User Provisioning:

  • Reciprocal provisioning at scale is key for collaboration in Microsoft Teams. Reciprocal provisioning refers to the process of mutually setting up user access between two entities or tenants. For example, if Alice from Contoso EMEA needs access to resources in Contoso APAC, and Bob from Contoso APAC requires access to resources in Contoso EMEA, reciprocal provisioning ensures that both users are provisioned appropriately in each other’s domains.
  • Centralized provisioning in Viva Engage must be ensured for all employees to be included in the central tenant (e.g. Contoso EMEA). Bob of Contoso APAC should be provisioned as an external member user into Contoso EMEA.
  • Cross-tenant synchronization is the ideal tool to accomplish this at scale, via the Entra admin center (complex setups) or Microsoft 365 admin center (simple setups).

Finalizing Setup:


More information

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