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Microsoft Viva Amplify available

Microsoft announced the availability of Microsoft Viva Amplify. Microsoft Viva Amplify is the newest addition to the Microsoft Viva Suite, poised to transform the way organizations meaningfully reach and engage their employees.   What are the benefits of Microsoft Viva Amplify? As businesses navigate an ever-evolving digital landscape, effective internal

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Microsoft Viva Skills: a new AI-powered service to grow and manage talent

Microsoft announced Microsoft Viva Skills, a new AI-powered service that will help organizations understand workforce skills and gaps and deliver personalized skills-based experiences throughout Microsoft 365 and Viva applications for employees, business leaders, and Human Resources.   When will Viva Skills be available? The license for Viva Skills will be

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Microsoft Viva Suite Promotion

Until March 31, 2024, save 50% on the Microsoft Viva Suite, compared to the list price. This exclusive offer is available through Enterprise Agreements (EA) for customers globally.   Promotion Details: Discount: Customers can enjoy a significant 50% reduction in the list price of the Viva Suite. Duration: This promotion

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Microsoft Viva Insight Mini Suite Promotion

Until March 31, 2024, save 50% on Microsoft Viva Workplace Analytics and Employee Feedback (aka. Viva Insight mini suite), compared to the list price. This exclusive offer is available through Enterprise Agreements (EA) for customers globally.   Promotion Details: Discount: Enjoy a substantial 50% off the list price of the

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Microsoft Viva Glint available

Since July 1, 2023, Viva Glint is generally available and becomes part of the Microsoft Viva Suite.   Microsoft LinkedIn Glint renamed as Viva Glint Previously a part of LinkedIn, Glint transitioned to Microsoft to integrate with Viva Insights and other Viva modules. Existing customers will transition from the current

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Microsoft Viva Sales renamed as Sales Copilot

Effective July 1, 2023, Viva Sales is rebranded as Microsoft Sales Copilot. This name change reflects the new AI capabilities that Microsoft have added.   What is Sales Copilot? Sales Copilot brings together the applications sellers work with— like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Teams —

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Microsoft Viva Pulse available

Release Date Effective July 18, 2023, Microsoft Viva Pulse is generally available. After its announcement on October 12, 2022, Microsoft has now included Viva Pulse in the Viva Suite.   What is Microsoft Viva Pulse? Viva Pulse is a feedback platform that lets employees give regular feedback to managers and

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Microsoft Yammer is evolving to Microsoft Viva Engage

In 2023, Microsoft Yammer becomes Microsoft Viva Engage and the Yammer brand retires. Effective in March 2023, the first step is the updating of the Communities app for Outlook and the Yammer mobile apps for iOS and Android to the new Viva Engage app. There are no changes to pricing

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Microsoft Viva Suite additions

Effective August 23, 2022, Microsoft Viva Engage, a new component of the Viva Suite, is generally available. Viva Engage is a Microsoft Teams app powered by Yammer that connects everyone at your organization through digital communities, virtual events, rich conversation tools, and more. Viva Engage is available to anyone with

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