Flexera acquires Snow Software

Flexera, a leading provider of software asset management solutions, has announced its acquisition of Snow Software, a global leader in technology intelligence. The acquisition of Snow Software by Flexera is a significant milestone in the software asset management industry. It will enable customers to gain precise, detailed, and dynamic views into their technology blueprint to make strategic business decisions. The combination of Flexera and Snow Software will provide deeper visibility and greater insights into the assets, technologies, terms of licensing, and usage.


More information

For the official announcement, please visit: https://www.snowsoftware.com/blog/a-new-era-for-technology-intelligence-and-customer-innovation/?mkt_tok=Mzc3LVBXUi0yMDgAAAGPtYrbpBE0kV-cIf8XPuafgbktFWXhezre2VgCBK6a6jEHOhYD6GmeP8tP0LeOMDxEpYf7eguEDBxwQ3UHz2NDkH3SLu8r9d23M6av90R13kjpobg

For more information about the SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT Software Asset Management approach, please visit: https://www.schneider.im/services/sam/.

For our vendor page of Flexera, please visit: https://www.schneider.im/software/flexera/.

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