Adobe MAX London: New Innovations

On April 23, 2024, Adobe introduced new AI innovations at Adobe MAX London.  


Firefly: Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model (beta)

Now also available in the latest edition of Adobe’s Creative Cloud for Enterprise, the Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model brings massive advancements to quality and control to Firefly’s foundation image model. It provides improved photorealism and detail in AI-generated images, and a better understanding of prompts. Additionally, these two new features are introduced for Enterprise customers:

  • Object Composites: This feature enables designers to quickly integrate products and objects into detailed, AI-generated scenes, streamlining the creation of high-quality visuals.
  • Style Kits: These kits provide a set of tools for creating consistent AI-generated content. Teams can develop templates, compile reference assets, and utilize shared libraries to ensure uniformity across enterprise projects.


Photoshop (beta): Generate Image and Generative Fill with Reference Image

Powered by the new Adobe Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model, you can now create images in Photoshop using the “Generate Image” function when you get started on a new document.

Also, Photoshop now allows you to upload a “Reference Image” to make better use of the “Generative Fill” option. This way, Photoshop understands more easily how you want to manipulate your existing image. For this, make a selection first (e.g., using the Lasso-tool) and click on Reference imageChoose image.


InDesign: Text to Image

You can now also create images from text prompts using the “Text to Image“-feature in InDesign. This helps to reduce workloads and creates license-free images in seconds. To activate, go to Window – Text to Image (Beta); then type in the prompt to generate the image.


Express mobile apps: now available to all users across web and mobile

Adobe Express mobile apps are now available across web and mobile, bringing features powered by Adobe Firefly generative AI to the user on the go. You can use features like “Text to Image”, “Text Effects”, “Generative Fill” and “Text to Template” to generate or manipulate images and designs or to create attention-grabbing headlines from simple text prompts. V4 (beta)

Adobe has introduced V4, the latest iteration of its collaboration platform tailored for creative teams. V4 offers a flexible and rapid environment that simplifies the content creation and production process. It centralizes feedback, reducing the need for multiple revisions and speeding up the delivery of media assets. The introduction of Collections, a smart folder system within a dynamic metadata framework, enhances workflow management. V4 is a customizable cloud-based platform, robust and adaptable, designed to support a wide range of creative workflows, extending well beyond video.

Note, that Adobe for Creative Cloud is part of Creative Cloud All Apps, Premiere Pro and After Effects subscriptions.


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