Microsoft Azure Options for VMware Workloads

Are you evaluating new options for your VMware environment? Microsoft Azure VMware Solution (AVS) is an easy solution to migrate your existing VMware environment to the cloud. With AVS, you gain business agility and access to unlimited innovation technologies. You migrate using the VMware Rapid Migration Plan, that will give you licensing benefits, price protection and savings.


What is Azure VMware Solution (AVS)?

Microsoft’s Azure VMware Solution (AVS) offers a seamless path to the cloud, allowing you to run VMware workloads natively in Azure – and now, for a limited time, you can lock in pricing for up to 5 years.

Sold and supported through Microsoft, AVS is a fully managed service allowing you to run VMware workloads on Azure. AVS offers a familiar VMware environment in Azure, enabling the use of existing tools and processes for managing and operating your VMware workloads. With AVS, you can migrate to the cloud with little or no refactoring. You can quickly scale up or down to meet business demands and improve your disaster recovery and security profile with ease. AVS is the fastest path to the cloud where you can innovate on your workloads with over 200+ Azure Services.


VMware Rapid Migration Plan

With the VMware Rapid Migration Plan, Microsoft offers a comprehensive set of licensing benefits and programs, ensuring price protection and savings as you migrate to Azure VMware Solution.

Benefits with VMware Rapid Migration Plan include:

  • 20% discount with Reserved Instances: You can lock in pricing for Azure VMware Solution using Reserved Instances. You get a 20% discount on a new one-year Reserved Instance before December 31, 2024. The five-year Reserved Instance is available for a limited time, with access ending on December 31, 2024.
  • Save with existing Windows Server and SQL Server licenses: Windows Server and SQL Server commonly run on VMware environments. With the purchase of Software Assurance, you can run cloud versions of Windows Server and SQL Server in Azure VMware Solution without additional licensing costs, and you get free Extended Security Updates for older versions.
  • Free Migration Assistance: With Azure Migrate and Modernize, you can streamline your migration with resources, expert help, and funding.
  • Free Azure credits: When you purchase a new Reserved Instance for Azure VMware Solution, you can receive an additional Azure credit of up to $120,000*. You can use this credit for Azure VMware Solution or other Azure services to optimize and modernize in the cloud.

*Azure Credit eligibility requirements: For a limited time, net new customer migrations to Azure VMware Solution on One-year or Three-year Reserved Instances may be eligible for a one-time Azure Credit Offer incentive of up to USD $120,000 based on the size of the deployments. Azure credits awarded are applicable to any Azure service. Contact SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT for specific offer details.


Webinar on Azure options for VMware Workloads

There is an on-demand webinar that will teach you how to migrate your VMware environment to Microsoft’s cloud. You can register here and watch it on-demand online.


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