Microsoft Software Assurance support benefit extended

In May 2020, Microsoft declared that they are giving their customers more time to use their Software Assurance support benefit to plan for the upcoming changes.

Effective February 2021, Microsoft is further extending the support grace period from February 2022 to early 2023, with the exact date to be announced later.

There is no impact to the current process for accruing and using your Software Assurance 24×7 Problem Resolution Support benefit in 2021 or 2022. With the extension you can continue to convert your existing Software Assurance 24×7 Problem Resolution Support incidents to your Premier or Unified Support contract until the change is in place. Starting sometime in early 2023, customers with a minimum Software Assurance spend of USD $250,000 will receive as-needed basic support instead of incidents. Software Assurance support will provide business hours support with a 24-hour response time goal.

Software Assurance continues to offer helpful benefits coordinated across software and cloud to support your organization’s deployment, management, and support needs.

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