Oracle APEX AI Assistant: AI-Aided Coding in Oracle Database

Effective June 17, 2024, Oracle APEX AI Assistant is part of the new version of Oracle APEX, a low-code development platform. With Oracle APEX AI Assistant, developers now can create applications by using natural language prompts. Oracle APEX is a free and fully supported feature included with Oracle Database and all Oracle Database services, such as Oracle Autonomous Database.


What is Oracle APEX AI Assistant?

The Oracle APEX AI Assistant is a new feature in the Oracle APEX low-code development platform. It leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify and accelerate the development of enterprise applications. Main capabilities include:

  • Natural Language SQL Generation: Allows developers to create SQL statements using plain language prompts, eliminating the need to remember complex syntax.
  • Automated Debugging: Identifies and suggests fixes for code bugs, which can be applied with a single click.
  • Conversational Interfaces: Enables developers to add natural language-based interactions to their applications, enhancing user experience.


New Features in Oracle APEX 24.1

In Oracle APEX 24.1, new AI enhancements include:

  • Natural Language SQL Generation with APEX AI Assistant: Allows developers to create valid SQL statements using natural language prompts. It remembers SQL syntax, automates query writing, explains existing code, and suggests bug fixes that can be applied with a single click. This frees developers from routine coding tasks.
  • Application Blueprints: Enables the creation of new application blueprints from natural language prompts specifying desired attributes and capabilities. This simplifies the development process, allowing developers to focus on creating unique features rather than underlying code.
  • Natural Language Interaction with AI: Allows end-users to interact with applications using natural language through an out-of-the-box conversational interface. This provides a richer in-app experience without the need to build generative AI or natural language processing components from scratch.


About Oracle Database

Oracle Database (aka. Oracle DB) is a powerful and widely used relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Oracle Corporation. A RDBMS is a type of database management system that organizes data into tables, which are structured in rows and columns. Oracle Database is designed to efficiently store, organize, and retrieve large amounts of data. It includes Oracle APEX as a free feature.



The Oracle APEX AI Assistant simplifies application development by leveraging AI for tasks like SQL generation, debugging, and adding conversational interfaces. These features enhance productivity and allow developers to focus on creating unique application features. As part of Oracle APEX 24.1, it offers a powerful toolset for modern developers.


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You can access Oracle APEX AI Assistant if you own Oracle Database instances. Contact SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT to request a quote for Oracle Database and enjoy the new APEX AI Assistant in Oracle APEX.


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