Oracle and Google Partnership: Oracle Database@Google Cloud

On June 11, 2024, Oracle and Google Cloud have unveiled a partnership allowing for a multicloud ecosystem. This will give customers the choice to combine capabilities of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Google Cloud to accelerate application migrations and modernization. Oracle Database@Google Cloud is the new name of the offering. This is Oracle’s latest partnership, after announcing an expanded partnership with Microsoft under the name of Oracle Database@Azure.Oracle and Google partnership - SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT


Oracle Database@Google Cloud

To be released later in 2024, Oracle Database@Google Cloud is a new service resulting from the partnership between Oracle and Google Cloud. It allows customers to use Oracle database services directly within Google Cloud datacenters. This service is designed to provide customers with the highest level of Oracle Database performance, feature and pricing parity with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and the convenience of managing their databases natively on Google Cloud.


Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud

This service facilitates the deployment of workloads across OCI and Google Cloud regions, combining OCI FastConnect and Google Cloud Partner Interconnect for optimal network performance.

Initially, Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud will be available in 11 global regions, allowing customers to deploy workloads without incurring cross-cloud data transfer charges. These regions are:

  • Australia East (Sydney)
  • Australia South East (Melbourne)
  • Brazil East (São Paulo)
  • Canada South East (Montreal)
  • Germany Central (Frankfurt)
  • India West (Mumbai)
  • Japan East (Tokyo)
  • Singapore
  • Spain Central (Madrid)
  • UK South (London)
  • US East (Ashburn)

The service will soon expand worldwide, offering a unified operating environment for Oracle’s comprehensive database services.


Difference between Oracle Database@Google Cloud and Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud

Oracle Database@Google Cloud focuses on providing Oracle database services within Google Cloud, while Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud facilitates the deployment of workloads across both cloud environments with optimized network performance.


Benefits for Customers

Oracle Database@Google Cloud offers direct access to Oracle database services within Google Cloud datacenters, fostering an environment conducive to cloud migration and IT modernization. Customers can look forward to:

  • Migration Ease: Utilizing tools like Oracle Zero-Downtime Migration for a smooth transition to Google Cloud.
  • Simplified Purchasing: Through Google Cloud Marketplace, customers can purchase Oracle database services using existing Google Cloud commitments and enjoy benefits like Bring Your Own License (BYOL) and Oracle Support Rewards (OSR).
  • Unified Support: A cohesive customer experience backed by both Google Cloud and Oracle.
  • Integrated AI Services: The ability to connect Oracle data with Google’s leading AI services, including Vertex AI and Gemini foundation models.


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Contact SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT for your questions regarding this new hybrid-cloud opportunity between workloads on Oracle and Google. We are Oracle Gold Partner and Google Partner, and are always happy to help you succeed in reaching your business targets!

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