Microsoft Copilot for Azure preview

Since November 15, 2023, Microsoft Copilot for Azure is available in preview. Microsoft Copilot for Azure is an AI companion for IT that simplifies day-to-day IT administration. More than just a tool, it is a unified chat experience that understands the user’s role and goals, and enhances the ability to design, operate and troubleshoot apps and infrastructure. Copilot for Azure helps IT teams gain new insights into their workloads, unlock untapped Azure functionality, and orchestrate tasks across both cloud and edge.


What are the key features of Microsoft Copilot for Azure?

Copilot for Azure helps you:

  • Design: create and configure the services needed while aligning with organizational policies
  • Operate: answer questions, author complex commands, and manage resources
  • Troubleshoot: orchestrate across Azure services for insights to summarize issues, identify causes, and suggest solutions
  • Optimize: improve costs, scalability, and reliability through recommendations for your environment


More information

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