Pingman Tools Partnership: Streamlining Network Problem-Solving

SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT is excited to announce a new partnership with Pingman Tools, a renowned innovator in internet troubleshooting solutions. This collaboration aims to enhance network performance and reliability for organizations of all sizes.


About Pingman Tools

Pingman Tools, based in Boise, Idaho, has been dedicated to simplifying network troubleshooting since 1998. With products like PingPlotter Cloud and PingPlotter Professional, they offer robust tools for monitoring and diagnosing internet connections, ensuring minimal downtime and efficient problem resolution.


What Pingman Tools Offers

  • PingPlotter Cloud: This innovative tool is designed for monitoring remote internet connections. It is an essential asset for businesses with remote workforces, providing the ability to quickly respond to connectivity issues and minimize downtime. With PingPlotter Cloud, you can monitor remote worker connections and ensure that your team stays connected and productive.

  • PingPlotter Professional: This is a trusted network diagnostic tool among engineers and system admins. It allows for the monitoring of hundreds of local connections simultaneously and captures critical data to pinpoint the source of network problems. This tool is especially useful for tech-savvy professionals looking to troubleshoot and prove network issues with concrete evidence.

  • MultiPing: MultiPing offers a user-friendly graphical view of network performance, enabling the monitoring of hundreds of targets at once. It is an affordable solution that sends automatic alerts, making it ideal for both professionals and those new to network monitoring. You can have MultiPing set up and safeguarding your network in under a minute, ensuring you are always aware of your network’s performance.
  • NoPileups: NoPileups leverages advanced machine vision technology to detect and prevent costly incidents in car wash tunnels. It’s a game-changer for maximizing throughput while ensuring safety and efficiency. With NoPileups, car wash operators can rest assured that their operations are running smoothly and mishap-free.


Key Benefits of the Partnership

The partnership with Pingman Tools brings several advantages to SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT clients:

  • Enhanced Network Troubleshooting: Access to Pingman’s suite of tools will make diagnosing and resolving network issues more straightforward.
  • Streamlined Operations: Pingman’s tools are designed for ease of use, allowing for quick setup and deployment.
  • Expert Support: SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT provides expert guidance on licensing and procurement, ensuring compliance and investment optimization.


More information

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Please contact us for free expert consultancy on your specific Pingman Tools license requirements and to request a quote today.

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