Red Hat and Nutanix Expand Collaboration to Power the Next-Generation of Virtualized and Cloud-Native Workloads

In May 2024, Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open-source solutions, and Nutanix, a leader in hybrid multicloud computing, have announced an expanded collaboration. This partnership leverages Red Hat Enterprise Linux as a key element of the Nutanix Cloud Platform.

Red Hat and Nutanix Partnership

Nutanix and Red Hat are joining forces to accelerate innovation and fuel customer success across hybrid multicloud environments.

  • Nutanix Cloud Platform: Nutanix’s platform provides a consistent cloud operating model. It is a single platform for running applications and data across hybrid multicloud endpoints. With self-healing nodes, integrated persistent storage, and linear scalability, Nutanix delivers resilience and cost efficiencies by eliminating unused compute and storage resources.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux: This product shines through its robust operating system capabilities. By incorporating Red Hat Enterprise Linux into Nutanix AOS (Acropolis Operating System), Nutanix can focus on its novel intellectual property while providing a more consistent cloud operating model.


Key Benefits of the partnership

  • Access to Linux Experts: Red Hat Enterprise Linux offers direct access to enterprise-grade Linux experts. These experts are dedicated to the needs of a flexible, scalable Linux operating system.
  • Stability for Hybrid Clouds: Organizations can manage and scale cloud-native workloads consistently from on-premises data centers to multiple public clouds. Red Hat Enterprise Linux ensures enhanced stability for hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • Security and Resilience: Nutanix’s collaboration with Red Hat includes contributions to CentOS Stream. Together, they work on hypervisor functionality, networking, and storage performance for emerging artificial intelligence (AI) workloads on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

The expanded collaboration between Nutanix and Red Hat is a win-win for customers. It combines the best of both worlds: Nutanix’s cloud platform expertise and Red Hat’s enterprise-grade Linux capabilities.


More information

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