Thycotic Secret Server

Thycotic Secret Server is an enterprise password management software for IT Admins and IT Security Pros. Thycotic Secret Server introduces a fundamental security layer to protect against cyber-attacks that target privileged accounts to get at critical information assets in your organization. It also automates the management and security of your enterprise privileged accounts from a single console, saving you time and money while reducing risk.

Thycotic Secret Server On-Premises:

  • If you want to manage your Microsoft environment
  • Want to be installed and using Secret Server in 15 minutes
  • Want Enterprise features, including Service Account management, workflow approvals, & enhanced monitoring

Thycotic Secret Server Cloud:

  • If you don’t want to manage a Microsoft environment
  • Want fast, easy access for your team no matter where they are located
  • Want Professional Edition features, like password discovery and rotation

For further information or to try Thycotic Secret Server for 30 days for free, please visit:

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