IBM Watson with new capabilities available

Effective April 21, 2021, new capabilities for IBM Watson designed to help businesses build trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI) are available. These new features aim at increasing trust, transparency and explainability of AI processes and include:

  • New data privacy management capabilities: IBM OpenPages with Watson now includes a new Data Privacy Management module.
  • Enhanced explainability for planning forecasts: In 2021 Q2, IBM Planning Analytics with Watson will include a new statistical details page designed to provide more transparent and easy-to-understand facts about how a forecasting prediction was generated.
  • New Federated Learning capabilities: IBM Watson Studio now includes new federated learning capabilities as a tech preview to help businesses apply machine learning techniques to privacy sensitive situations.
  • New Time Series capabilities: IBM Watson Studio now includes Time Series capabilities in beta designed to help businesses develop models that predict future values of a time series based on past data or features.

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IBM are hosting an event explaining the future of hybrid cloud and AI called “Think 2021”. It will take place on May 12, 2021, from 10am – 3pm Luxembourgish time and you may register here: and find the agenda here:

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IBM Spectrum Protect Plus supports Microsoft Office 365

IBM announced IBM Spectrum Protect Plus support for data protection of Microsoft Office 365. Many organizations use Microsoft Office 365 for their business. Although Microsoft provides protection against data loss due to hardware outage and short-term protection against data loss due to human errors, the data remains the customer’s responsibility.
The functionality of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus offers protection against malware and provides long-term data retention for legal and compliance purposes.