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On June 5, 2024, Adobe introduced Adobe AI Assistant for Acrobat, bringing new AI features to Acrobat, aimed at improving document handling and user productivity. There are 5 requests available for Teams Direct and VIP customers (lifetime limit), with the option to purchase the AI Assistant for Acrobat add-on plan for more requests. Adobe is offering free, full access to Acrobat AI Assistant features June 18 – June 28, 2024.

These features, known as Acrobat AI Assistant and Generative Summary, allow users to ask questions about their documents and receive answers with citations, as well as generate document summaries.



Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant for Acrobat is now out of beta and generally available as paid subscription for Acrobat for Teams and for Acrobat for Enterprise.


  • Until June 30, 2025: Introductory pricing is set at $4.99 per user/month. Pricing is valid until the next renewal.
  • After June 30, 2025: Standard pricing will be $9.99 per user/month.
  • Adobe offers a free trial period during which users can make five free requests (in total – lifetime limit).


What is Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant?

Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant is a conversational feature in Acrobat that lets you interact with your documents to get quick answers to questions based on the PDF content in a comprehensive and informative way. It links to the text and data table sources within your document and also suggests follow-up questions based on the primary question. Since June 2024, it supports AI recommendations across multiple documents (up to 10 documents), with more exiting features, increased capabilities and language support to come over the coming months.


What is Generative Summary?

With Generative Summary, users automatically get a document outline with headings and section-specific key points to help them easily find, discern, and navigate essential information they need on demand.


AI Assistant: Your easy time-saver when handling documents

The generative AI features in Acrobat were built on Adobe’s unique expertise of PDF structure and content. The ability to deeply understand PDFs enables AI Assistant to analyze and surface insights from digital documents with greater precision and will allow Adobe to continue to refine the outputs in the future.

  • Insights you can trust. AI Assistant looks only at the documents you tell it to. Adobe’s unique proprietary technology generates verifiable insights across one or many documents, with attributions back to the source—so you can be assured you’re accessing credible information.
  • Writing made easy. Empower your team to create high-quality professional content for emails, blogs, presentations, research summaries, and more. Use the responses from AI Assistant to get the write-up you need and produce your deliverables in less time.
  • Easy to use. Deploy in minutes. Getting started with AI Assistant is fast and easy. Deployment only takes minutes, delivering fast time to value. Users will get instant access to AI Assistant integrated within Acrobat where they are used to consuming and editing PDFs. AI Assistant will only look at the documents you tell it to, providing streamlined AI data governance.


Implementation Details

  • Accessibility: These features are available in the new Acrobat experience and not in the classic UI. The features are accessible both through desktop applications and via integrations with Google and Microsoft apps, provided the AI Assistant SKU is purchased.
  • File Requirements: Compatible with PDFs and other document formats (Word, PowerPoint), limited to:
    • Less than 25MB
    • Less than 120 pages (will increase in the coming months)
    • Non-password protected files
    • English language documents (more languages to come)


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