Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365

Copilot for Microsoft 365 is here for enterprise customers! Learn how to make use of Microsoft’s newest AI in all of your Microsoft 365 Apps, such as Excel, Word, Outlook, Teams and more!

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Adobe TLP and CLP licensing programs to retire

On February 28, 2025, Adobe Transactional Licensing Program (TLP) and Cumulative License Program (CLP) will retire. These decisions mark a significant shift in Adobe’s licensing strategy, impacting customers across all market segments.   Adobe TLP and CLP Retirement The Adobe Cumulative License Program (CLP) is a buying program with perpetual

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Adobe Acrobat for Microsoft Teams: AI integration

Since June 5, 2024, AI Assistant is integrated into Adobe Acrobat for Microsoft Teams. AI Assistant capabilities within Microsoft Teams come with the newly released AI Assistant Add-on.   What is Adobe Acrobat for Microsoft Teams? Adobe Acrobat for Microsoft Teams, also known as Acrobat for Teams, is a robust

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Adobe AI Assistant for Acrobat available

On June 5, 2024, Adobe introduced Adobe AI Assistant for Acrobat, bringing new AI features to Acrobat, aimed at improving document handling and user productivity. There are 5 requests available for Teams Direct and VIP customers (lifetime limit), with the option to purchase the AI Assistant for Acrobat add-on plan

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Adobe and IBM Partnership: Tailoring Customer Service with AI

In May 2024, Adobe and IBM announced a partnership to transform customer experiences using Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant, powered by IBM’s watsonx and hybrid cloud technologies. Also, IBM’s watsonx is being integrated in the Adobe Experience Platform. This collaboration aims to deliver personalized customer interactions at scale.   Objective The

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Adobe Acrobat Perpetual: End of Sales / Support

Effective July 15, 2024, Adobe will no longer sell Acrobat Standard 2020 and Acrobat Pro 2020 licenses in the Transactional License Program (TLP) and Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) buying programs. Adobe will continue to offer subscription versions of Acrobat in the Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP) and Enterprise Term License

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Adobe Acrobat Pro Price Increase reminder

How much is the price increase for Adobe Acrobat Pro? In August 2022, Adobe announced new Adobe Acrobat Pro and Standard capabilities. With these new capabilities, a price increase for Acrobat Pro was announced: Any new customers as of August 8, 2022, pay about 40% more for an Acrobat Pro

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Adobe Acrobat Extension for Microsoft Edge

Effective March 2023, Adobe starts embedding Acrobat PDF technology in Microsoft Edge. Together, Adobe and Microsoft are updating the PDF experience in Microsoft Edge by powering the built-in PDF reader with the Adobe Acrobat PDF engine. This will give users a unique PDF experience that includes higher fidelity for more

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