Microsoft Azure earns FinOps Certification

On November 7, 2023, Microsoft has achieved the FinOps Certification for Microsoft Azure, marking a milestone in optimizing cloud spending. Microsoft’s certification marks them as a FinOps Certified Service Provider.



What is a FinOps Certification?

A Financial Operations (FinOps) Certification is a recognition that an individual or organization has undergone training and met specific criteria in the FinOps methodology. FinOps is a framework that optimizes cloud spending. This certification signifies expertise in aligning cloud investments with business goals and maintaining cost-effectiveness in cloud computing. It demonstrates a commitment to best practices in cloud cost management, showcasing proficiency in navigating the complexities of cloud expenditures efficiently.


What FinOps solutions does Microsoft offer?

Microsoft’s Unified Enterprise Support currently has three FinOps offerings:

  • FinOps Introduction
  • FinOps Assessment
  • FinOps Operations for Azure, including:
    • Azure Cost Management Tool Chain
    • Azure Billing Mechanics
    • Azure Cost Management Mechanics
    • Azure Cost Optimization Opportunities

With Microsoft’s FinOps optimization approach, called Journey to FinOps, they help customers optimize their existing landscape, establish a cost-conscious culture, and support governance controls.


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