Microsoft Viva Topics Retirement: A New Era of Knowledge Management

On February 22, 2025, Microsoft Viva Topics will retire. Microsoft already stopped investing in new feature development for Viva Topics on February 22, 2024. This move is in line with Microsoft’s strategy change to new AI-powered knowledge management experiences within Microsoft Copilot and other Microsoft 365 services.

What will change?

After February 22, 2025, several changes will be implemented regarding Viva Topics:

  • Topic Pages:
    • Topic pages published by users will become standard SharePoint pages. Users can still edit and publish updates as they would any other SharePoint page.
    • Topic pages generated by AI will no longer be available.
  • Topic Center Site:
    • Topic Center Sites will be converted to a standard SharePoint site.
    • Knowledge management and analytics features will be removed.
  • Search and Integration:
    • Automatic integration with Microsoft Search and apps will cease.
  • Viva Engage:
    • Viva Engage will adopt a simplified public topics model.
    • Integration with Viva Topics will end.


What features of Viva Topics will Copilot get?

As for the features and functionalities, Copilot will incorporate several capabilities from Viva Topics. It will allow users to summarize complex topics across multiple documents, translate pages based on sources in other languages, and analyze connections between different concepts. Additionally, Copilot will be able to suggest additional details to improve the clarity of questions, recommend existing resources and potential answers, and provide summaries of replies and contributors.


About Viva Topics

Microsoft Viva Topics (formerly Microsoft Project Cortex) is a knowledge management solution within Microsoft 365 that harnesses AI to organize content and expertise across an organization. It automatically generates topic pages from SharePoint content, facilitating knowledge discovery and sharing. Licensed as part of the Viva Suite, Viva Topics has been instrumental in connecting people to knowledge and expertise, streamlining information access, and enhancing collaboration in the workplace. With the upcoming transition to Microsoft Copilot, Viva Topics will pave the way for a new generation of AI-driven knowledge management.


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