Microsoft Azure Cost Management anomaly detection

Effective February 22, 2022, the public preview of Microsoft Azure Cost Management anomaly detection is available for subscriptions. This alerts you to inconsistencies in spending across an Azure Subscription to help you to identify unexpected changes in cost.

To check cost anomalies for your subscription, open any view in the cost analysis preview and click the see insights link to view all insights and details.

If this is your first time using the cost analysis preview, you will see a “check back tomorrow for cost anomaly insights” message confirming that you have been setup for anomaly detection. If you are already setup, then you will either see a “no anomalies” message or a list of any anomalies that have been detected within the date range you are looking at. To get more details about the anomaly, click the insight link to view daily cost over the date range that was evaluated.

For the announcement of Microsoft Azure Cost Management anomaly detection, please visit:

For the preview of cost anomaly detection in the Azure portal, please visit:

Please contact us for more information.

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